What does “The boat that comes to you!” mean?

We will deliver the rental boat right to your dock! When you are finished with it, we’ll pick it up at your dock. What a worry free way to have a power boat for your vacation!

Where do you rent your boats?

We rent primarily in Talbot and Dorchester County in Maryland. We do make some exceptions. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How does it work?

Contact us to reserve your power boat rental. When we deliver the boat, you’ll need to sign a waiver and we will provide instruction and a test run to make sure you are comfortable and safe in the boat. When not in use, keep the boat at your dock. At the end of the rental period, we’ll pick up the boat from your dock. Please read our policies for more details.

How far in advance are reservations necessary?

June through August are our busiest months. Please reserve as early as possible. Please call anytime you’d like to rent a boat in the Chesapeake Bay region. Boats sometimes are available with short notice

Who do I call to arrange for a boat?

Call Zach at 410-251-8802 or fill out the Reservation Request Form on theĀ Reservation Request page. Feel free to email requests or questions to [email protected]

Do the boats come with fuel?

The boats will arrive with a full tank of fuel. Its not necessary for you to fill the tank upon delivery. At the end of your reservation, we will top the boat off with fuel and charge you for the fuel. We will top off the tank when we pick up the boat and send you a notification on amount due.

If I have a question about the boat or any trouble what do I do?

Call our 24 hour service number that we will give you when we deliver your boat.

Do you provide all the safety equipment that is required by DNR?

Yes, we have everything for you. The boat registration, boat numbers and coast guard safety requirements. We also have fishing and crabbing gear available and your boat is licensed for both.

Can anyone drive the boat?

No, only the renter designated on the contract can operate the boat.

Where do I return the boat?

We do all the work for you and will come to your dock to pick up the boat.